Something blue. 

Love how the natural sunlight makes this lightning blue yarn look more like sea/ocean blue (I’m not 100% good with my colour shades.) 

My bed is a really good backdrop for my photos, which is perfect for big projects like this blanket.  🙂 


One stitch at a time

It has been crazy these past few months, and it feels like finally everything will be over in a few weeks. 

My stress levels have been really high. 

As a result, I made the conscientious effort to knit as often as possible. Daily, if I could. 

I have been learning to relax, tell myself to stop stressing and stop working. Leave those for tomorrow, and for now breathe and knit before bedtime. 

My current progress on an entrelac blanket throw for a dear dear friend :). I really love how this photo turned out, the blue contrasting with my golden/yellow/tumeric coloured bedsheets. 

Don’t forget to knit, a stitch at a time. 

Don’t forget to breathe.