Gym session iforgotthenumber

So it’s been a while since I updated my gym session but here’s a summary:

First circuit

  1. 33 squats, with a 10kg dumb-bell
  2. 1m50s plank!!! (I dropped during the 3rd plank at 1m30s.)
  3. 18 inclined push ups
  4. 18 inclined pull ups at the 3rd rack (I managed 6-8 proper inclined during the three times, and the rest were modified (legs in table top/squat position) inclined.)

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

Second circuit (we did 16 or was it 18 reps per exercise? I forgot)

  1. 16 or was it 18? rounds of hollow log ‘halos’
  2. 16/18 rounds of squat-side lunges on the Bosu ball. I’ve been jumping on this, and Gordon wants me to squat lower.
  3. 16/18 superman lifts on the Bosu ball.
  4. 16/18 sumo squats-deadlifts (kinda) with a 8kg kettlebell

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

Third circuit

  1. 30 single rope swings
  2. 15 reverse lunges on each leg
  3. 25 ball slams with exercise ball.

Do the entire circuit 2 times, but speed through with no breaks. We are now training my cardio, kinda feels like doing a HIIT.


What a wonderful day :)

Today was a wonderful day. ^_^

I collected my race pack for the Star Wars Run (Singapore):

Afterwards, with a couple of minutes to spare, I bought several skincare products from LUSH!

I bought:

  • Purmice stone
  • Pink peppermint foot lotion
  • H’suan wen hua hair treatment
  • Sunrise soap
  • Outback mate soap
  • Honey lip scrub

The staff was so kind to give me Skinny Day! She explained it’s their random act of kindness. ❤

Afterwards, we had dinner with our friends, Connie and Shuu. Glad to catch up with them over a delicious Japanese dinner ^_^.

I ordered a Niku Tendon, which contains chicken, pork, green pepper, egg, and seaweed tempura over a bowl of rice.

This was karaage, and beef sushi. The raw beef slices were torched to medium on the spot. Lastly, we had yakitori. ^_^

After dinner, we walked around for a while, then my brother had to go for another gathering. Shuu accompanied us girls for a while before he had to go. So Connie and I went for a cosmetic shopping trip haha!

I got 2 Chanel lip shine (shades 118 & 91), 1 Dior nail polish (shade: rouge), and Stila One Step Correct that was recommended by Connie.
Tbh, I am glad I finally found the right pink shade that isn’t dull, and actually suits me. Most pink lipstick shades look quite … awful on my lips, and my Bobbi Brown lipsticks are pink, but dull. So a bright pink shade that suits me is refreshing. Then the other shade is suitable for everyday red, not too bright, and not too dull. =)

With that said, I hope everyone had a good day too. Let’s enjoy the weekend!


Gym session #7

For yesterday’s gym session, we increased the number of reps for some exercises.

So here’s the summary:

First circuit

  1. 25 squats, dropped to 10kg dumb-bell
  2. 1m20s-1m30s plank
  3. 14 inclined push ups
  4. 14 inclined pull ups at the 3rd rack (I managed 4 proper inclined, and 10 modified (legs in table top/squat position) inclined.)

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

Second circuit

  1. 12(?) rounds of hollow log ‘halos’
  2. 12 rounds of squat-side lunges on the Bosu ball. I’ve been jumping on this, and Gordon wants me to squat lower.
  3. 12 superman lifts on the Bosu ball.
  4. 12 sumo squats-deadlifts (kinda) with a 8kg kettlebell

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

Third circuit

  1. 30 single rope swings
  2. 15 reverse lunges on each leg
  3. 25 ball slams with exercise ball.

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

I think while I’m happy Gordon has constantly challenged me to try my best, I’m a bit disappointed my strength for  inclined pull ups seem to be declining. =/ I don’t know why but last week, I managed 7, 6, 5 proper inclined pull ups. Now it’s just 4 per round of the first circuit. Maybe I was too tired from the 25kg dumb-bell in gym session #6? Or the planks are killing me. Either way, I had my rather painful deep tissue massage today, and I hope when next Tuesday comes, I will be stronger.

My family returned from overseas today. Both mum and dad said I looked slimmer. Tbh, I don’t see myself as fat anymore because I really feel and look more toned than I was when I first started this gym training. It’s just my belly, and even that is starting to trim down.

Because my deep tissue massage is using chinese techniques (something like Tui Na), I have to strip down to my underwear. (I am covered with towels wherever she is currently not trying to kill me massaging on.) As such, my masseur is very familiar with my body shape. XD She has been commenting that my muscles definitely feel more toned and I am a bit slimmer than before. =)

As a side treat to myself today, I did the following beauty treatments:

  1. Lush’s H’sien Wen Hua for my hair
  2. Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty
  3. Showered both off
  4. April Skin’s Pinkyclay Nose Pack (probably should have applied a thicker layer of the nose mask… and use after a hot shower to open up the pores more.)
  5. Tony Moly’s Honey Face Mask

Well here’s to a healthier me! 😀


Gym session #6?

I’ve been going to the gym more frequently now, because I’ve signed a package of 20 sessions with a personal trainer, at Anytime Fitness Bukit Timah, which is next to Beauty World. My trainer is Gordon.

At first the whole idea was to lose weight right? But then we had to take into consideration my whole list of past injuries that has hindered my fitness progress.

I wished I started blogging my gym progress from the start, but better late than never.

So I think this is my 6th official session under the package, but actually my 7th because ATFT was very nice to offer me a free trial session when I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a gym membership, or a PT.

Today Gordon instructed me to do:

First circuit

  1. Squats x 20, with a 12 kg dumb-bell
  2. 1m20s planks
  3. 12 inclined push ups at the 3rd rack of the erm … idk what you call that thing but the bar could be adjusted up and down.
  4. 12 inclined pull ups at the 4th? rack of the same idkname thing.
    1. I have been trying to do more full/proper inclined pulls up with my legs stretched out, but sometimes I don’t feel strong enough and I do a modified version Gordon first showed me: legs in like a squat/table top position, so that my arms don’t die lifting me up.

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

Second circuit

  1. 10 rounds (from left to right, right to left) carrying this hollow 4kg log over and around my head; Gordon said this would train my upper body strength, and also improve the flexibility of my shoulders.
  2. 10 rounds (from left to right, right to left) squat side lunges on the Bosu ball. I’m starting to actually be jumping, so I hope this means I’m getting better at it. I need to lower my squat position, and remember to pull back my shoulders from slouching though.
  3. 10 superman (upper body) lifts on the Bosu ball.
  4. 10 sumo squats, kinda deadlift style with a 8kg kettlebell

Do the entire circuit 3 times

Third circuit 

  1. 30 single rope swings
  2. 20 exercise ball slams: take an exercise ball, and slam as hard as you can onto the floor, so it’s going to be like you having to squat to bend down. However, do not let the exercise ball bounce away. Due to the momentum, I tend to let go of it for a split second when I’m coming back up and catch it to reposition myself.
  3. 15 reverse lunges on each leg. Apparently I cannot coordinate my arms and legs. XD

Do the entire circuit 3 times.

I’m quite amazed at my progress, thanks to Gordon. When I first started with him, I could only do 30-40 seconds plank, and 4-6kg squats.

What’s more remarkable is that when I started the inclined pull ups, Gordon had to adjust the bar to the 9th rack, and even with the modified leg-in-squat/tabletop position, I was still struggling to do 10 pull ups. Now I am trying to push myself and do as many proper inclined pull ups I can at the 4th rack.

My body temperature has been getting warmer, which I hope it’s a sign of increased metabolism rate. With the crazy weather we have been having lately, this is a bit of a struggle to deal with. It can hot enough outside, yet I’m burning inside. This was a bigger problem when we went to Indonesia last week for 3 days, and because I didn’t drink enough water on the first night, I was so hot I couldn’t sleep. Cue the coconut water, water bottles, and whatever that could cool me down.

I’ve never been so happy to drink so much water. Such a change from when I was younger, I would feel nauseous when I drank water.

Exhausted, so I’ll just take the night off and relax. Let’s see what Gordon will push me to do on Friday’s gym session. (9 ^_^)9



My first time trying LUSH!

Today’s the first time I have ever bought and tried LUSH. Even the first time stepping into their store honestly. The strong scents from their natural soaps always deterred me because I have a very sensitive nose, which is why I also dislike cosmetic departments for making me feel suffocated. 

However a friend has been posting on fb about how much she loves LUSH, and her newest LUSH buys. So I decided to check out their website and realised that they use natural ingredients, like fruits, veggies etc. 

I -literally- took a deep breath and endured the initial cloud of scents and entered the store. 
The salesgirl (receipt mentioned a name called Hilya?) was helpful and patient. I think she noticed I was a bit of a lost sheep entering the store. ^_^|||

My concerns were:

  1. Oily/combination skin. Doesn’t help that I seem to have an acne outbreak whenever I’m on my period. Yet other times my skin is so dry. 
  2. Dry locks. Ever since I permed my hair, it has become noticeably dry, and it ends up in painful tangles. 

So Hilya recommended a Fresh Face Mask, but that requires refrigeration, so she recommended Mask of Magnaminty for me.

This looks like some sort of dip for chips/veggie sticks, and smells like choco mint ice cream. 

She assured me that this was suitable for all skins, so my sensitive skin will be okay. And that this has oil control, and will help me to deal with my acne. 

I also asked if she had anything to recommend for my blemishes and scars. So she suggested Movis, which is in a soap bar form. But because we won’t know if it works for me, she offered to cut me a sample to try at home. 

Movis reminds me of dry figs honestly, and it smells delicious. Doesn’t it kinda look like a protein/snack bar…? XD 

So last thing to deal with was my hair. Hilya said she used H’suan Wen Hua for herself (she has bleached, and dyed her hair silver-blue-grey). 

This reminds me of a creamy hummus dip! It smells very herb-y and spice-y. 

So finally home, I went about trying the products. 

Washed my face first with Movis because it was already oily and sweaty from the humid weather. And I got caught in the rain walking home from the train station. 

Movis was really gentle to my face, and made it feel clean without drying it out. Some face cleansers I have tried leave my face feeling clean BUT very dry and taut, as though I’m forcing my skin to be stretched across my face >_<. So this felt refreshing to me. 🙂

Then I applied H’suan Wen Hua to my hair. Okay the instructions said to apply a thick layer. Not sure how thick is thick, but I covered from the head to the ends. Not sure if my hair is really dry but it seemed like whenever I applied the hair treatment, my hair kept absorbing it -almost- immediately. 

I also applied a good amount of Mask of Magnaminty onto my face, and its cooling effect is lovely considering how humid the day has been. Really felt like I was applying choco mint ice cream to my face though. 

Afterwards, I took a shower, washed everything off. I am really amazed how smooth and soft my face feels now!! Clean, and soft skin @_@ 

As I told the friend who kept posting about her LUSH buys, I feel like a pervert for repeatedly touching my face in amazement. XD

My hair is really soft, and  even though I used a commercial brand to shampoo and condition, my hair is still soft from the treatment. It didn’t tangle up like it usually does after I rinse the shampoo off. It has been a really long time since my hair feels so light like this. 

So I am happy with my LUSH purchases, and I guess I am onboard the LUSH train now. When I finish using my current skincare, I am going to convert entirely to LUSH. Some people complain it’s expensive, that I won’t deny. However, when I compare prices with brands sold in Sephora, I feel it’s in the same price range honestly. (Just went around searching their website yesterday.) And I am definitely not keen to do a trial and error for all of Sephora’s products considering how sensitive my skin is. 

Well to more LUSH products in future! RIP my wallet, but yay to better skin and hair! 


Rainy day

It’s pouring at the moment. Good thing I swam earlier this morning. 🙂 It feels challenging to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, what more exercise >_<. 

Anyways, it's nice to be knitting on rainy days in the office. Work has been quiet, but gradually becoming busy. So I appreciate all the peace I can get before the hectic period starts. 

Meanwhile, I bought a wooden bridge, and wooden toy for Yuki. She needs a while to figure them out, but I realise she loves to have her noms under the bridge. ^_^ 

She’s sleeping in the office so I guess that’s one way to save electricity. ^_^|||

That’s all from me. Back to knitting!