One stitch at a time

It has been crazy these past few months, and it feels like finally everything will be over in a few weeks. 

My stress levels have been really high. 

As a result, I made the conscientious effort to knit as often as possible. Daily, if I could. 

I have been learning to relax, tell myself to stop stressing and stop working. Leave those for tomorrow, and for now breathe and knit before bedtime. 

My current progress on an entrelac blanket throw for a dear dear friend :). I really love how this photo turned out, the blue contrasting with my golden/yellow/tumeric coloured bedsheets. 

Don’t forget to knit, a stitch at a time. 

Don’t forget to breathe. 



Rainy day

It’s pouring at the moment. Good thing I swam earlier this morning. 🙂 It feels challenging to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, what more exercise >_<. 

Anyways, it's nice to be knitting on rainy days in the office. Work has been quiet, but gradually becoming busy. So I appreciate all the peace I can get before the hectic period starts. 

Meanwhile, I bought a wooden bridge, and wooden toy for Yuki. She needs a while to figure them out, but I realise she loves to have her noms under the bridge. ^_^ 

She’s sleeping in the office so I guess that’s one way to save electricity. ^_^|||

That’s all from me. Back to knitting!


New Year’s resolution: clear my yarn stash 😂

So I have been knitting a bit more recently, made a red hat for myself, and now a yellow one.

This one is made of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino dk, knitted with 3.25-3.3 circular needles before transferring to 4mm dpns because my circular needles were 60cm, and I did not have thinner dpns.

However it worked out fine so I guess I’ safe! ^_^

And this mustard yellow piece is something I started last night. I’m using Sublime Merino Worsted on 4mm 16 inch circular needles. This is my first time knitting with worsted yarn, and I am loving how neat the stitches are coming out. :).