My trainer’s evil laughter

Going to bed soon so this is to record my workout. I knew I was in trouble when Gordon started laughing while setting up my second circuit. @_@. 

First circuit

  • 37 squats with a 10kg dumb bell. (Last set, Gordon told me to do 16-16? Then a rapid 40 squats without dumb bell without a break. I still took a small break or two to catch my breath.)
  • 2m10s plank. (Really proud of myself for completing two! Dropped during the last set.) 
  • 10 inclined push ups. (Gordon lowered the pull up bar rack. Sooner or later I shall be doing normal push ups on the floor @_@.)
  • 10 inclined pull ups. (Again bar was lowered.) 

Do 3 times entirely. 

Second circuit – Gordon changed the circuit entirely!

  • 10 Sumo squats deadlift kinda style with 12 kg kettlebell
  • 10 “go into bridges when my feet are balancing on fitness ball and then pull in before extending again?” IDK what they are called but I think I described it well enough. This one burned my glutes, thighs, and back. I shd ask Gordon for the official name. 
  • 10 burpees. With the freaking Bosu ball. Rip. 

Do 3 times. I got faster subsequently. And managed to hold my bridges higher 🙂

Third circuit

  • 10 single rope swings
  • 10 ball slams
  • 10 reverse lunges per leg
  • 10 chair dips. Ahhahahahaha I can’t feel my arms 🙂

I think my ball slams scared away some guys who looked like they started working out recently? Tbh my arms are bigger than theirs. They remind me of my ex, who was scrawny. 

But I needed to vent out my anger at the shitty time I had in Indonesia last week. And Gordon wanted me to slam the fitness ball so hard that 1) the entire gym heard it, and 2) he doesnt hear the music cause one of the EDM tracks was shitty hahaha. 

Then I said to him, “Thanks to you, I won’t get a boyfriend here.”

He said, “Let them be scared of you.”


But that’s the good thing about Gordon, he constantly encourages and pushes you to the limits, and he obviously as a fitness alpha male bodybuilder, he doesn’t care if your muscles are big, or if you, as a girl, are using your full force. He wants you to push through and give your ultimate best, and show the power you have. 

So I’m lucky to have him as a trainer ^_^. 


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