Review of Star Wars Run SG 2017

So me being the lazy one, here’s the copy paste from my facebook 😀 

Enjoyed #StarWarsRunSG! This is my review of the event.

1. Baggage deposit and baggage retrieval was efficiently done. Many crew members on hand, which helped speed things up.

2. There were a good number of cosplayers and crew who cheered on the runners. Really love this!

3. Running through MBS, Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Gardens was a thrilling experience. One of my bucket list items to run through at night so I’m really happy.

4. The emcees did a good job hyping the crowd before each wave was flagged off.

5. Event kept to the theme very well. Especially how even the supertrees in Gardens were lit up to be light sabers.

6. My biggest thumbs up goes to the food stalls available. I have been to quite a number of run events to know what is bleh, and what is good.

A) Generous big UFC Coconut water bottle given to everyone. I took two cause I think I was dehydrated.

B) Chobani giving out free 100g cups, one for each runner! 👍🏻 to Chobani.

C) Aloha Poke had a stall. First time trying and OMG IT IS DELICIOUS. Queueing and ordering was pretty orderly. And serving was quick. I will try to buy more often in future when I’m out.

D) Vitagen giving free vitagen to everyone. Really good job.

E) There was also a stall selling coconut related drinks/soft serve, and a korean stall. I didn’t get them cause I was low in cash (only $17), so I went for Aloha Poke.

7. Last but not least, outdoor viewing of The Force Awakens. Nothing can beat this. The atmosphere was fun, you could hear the audience laugh at the jokes, all focused and pretty much considerate to each other’s space and belongings.

8. Also a well deserving shout out to the clean up crew. Really, from where I was, they cleaned up litter so quickly. That say, I am disappointed so many littered.


1. However due to the sheer number of participants, the routes were squeezy at some points, especially after Esplanade and behind F1 pit building. I know the organisers would have done their best to ensure the best and most interesting routes for both light and dark sides, so this was kinda unavoidable.

2. There needs to be more signs to the public and the participants because a) we are running through a popular area, b) sometimes the routes can be clearer. However, the attempted segragation under and after the Helix bridge wasn’t too bad.

3. The organisers should have reminded participants of race etiquette. This is probably my biggest problem with the event and all running events.

They should have told participants that slower participants or those who were walking to keep to the left, and let those who want to run, run on the right.

I know this is a family-friendly event. I’m not against families of course, but this is for safety. There were some near brushes where people could have collided, and I nearly collided with people too. There were families with prams too.

This is a standard runner’s etiquette I’ve seen in major running events like Sundown and StanChart.

Also many people were swinging their light sabers without considering or checking around. I saw an ang moh politely telling an aunty, “Mdm, please be careful with your light saber,” after she nearly hit him in the face with it unknowingly.

4. The human jam at the finish line was tough to deal with because many people just didn’t want to move off quicker despite the organisers’ attempts to tell people to keep moving. I think this is partly due to: a) people queueing up for the coconut water which was quite near to the finish line, and b) people trying to cross the same narrow way back to baggage deposit area.

I’m not sure where else the organisers could have put the baggage deposit, because it was in a good spacious location. However, they could perhaps consider to give the coconut water at the same time while giving the medals out. Like how some of the major races give bananas and water with the medals at the same time. (I remember when I did Sundown 2014, they gave the banana at the same time.) Hopefully this reduces the human jam around the area.


Close to being flagged off!

Night view of MBS. Always wanted to run here at night so this is a dream come true. =)

The supertrees of Gardens by the Bay being converted into lightsabers!

My supper: Free Chobani + Aloha Poke (Wasabi mayo salmon + Mentai salmon (seasonal)) + free UFC coconut water!


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