Going deeper into the rabbit hole. Or hell. Whichever is closer. 

Like when Alice thought “Underland” was “Wonderland”.

Either this, or Bohemian Rhapsody is a good way to describe my feeling now. 😂

I’m waiting for the bus as I type this, and my wet pony tail continues to drop beads of sweat onto my shirt.

Japanese was really tough ytd. We started learning on 敬語, after the hell that was 使役動詞. Who am I kidding though, it’ll be tougher as we continue. Even my sensei had his head on the table after the lesson.

2 more lessons and we are done with intermediate level! Ha, I really started from あいうえお until now, the looming chapter 50 of 皆んなの日本語, with Ikoma school.

So gotta finish my overdue homework for a few chapters, complete my listening exercises, get sensei to mark, and go into full on revision battle mode for JLPT N4.

So I’m blogging now cause I just completed gym, and the bus isn’t here yet.

Exhausted, and can’t be bothered to format nicely on my phone.

Same exercises:

First — nevermind, bus is here. Will continue when I’m home.


I’m home, fresh from a rewarding shower. Thank you LUSH for making me feel so clean and refreshed now. Also doing a nose mask to get rid of my blackheads D:

So as usual the summary of exercises, we increased some of the reps, while others we made slight differences.

First circuit 

  • 35 squats with a 9kg dumbbell, cause some kid was using the 10kg ones. HAHAHAH. THANK YOU RANDOM KID. Still the increased reps killed me.
    • For the last round though, I did 15 with the dumbbell. Then Gordon told me to do 35 planks without any weight as quickly as I can.
  • 2 min plank. I can’t believe this. I actually survived the first two times? What sorcery is this. I dropped twice on my 3rd time btw.
  • 20 inclined push ups
  • 20 inclined pull ups. I managed 7-8 proper inclined pulls up per round, and the rest was modified ones as usual.

Do 3 rounds.

Second circuit

  • 20 rounds of the halo log exercise. I tried to do it faster.
  • 20 rounds of side lunges while holding a squat position on the Bosu ball
  • 20 superman lifts on the Bosu ball
  • 20 sumo squats-deadlift with the 8kg kettlebell

Do 3 rounds.

Third circuit

  • 15 Single rope swings. How many I forgot.
  • 15 reverse lunges on each leg
  • 15 ball slams
  • Last round, Gordon reduced to 10 each, but he wanted to speed through all 3 rounds like a HIIT circuit with no breaks.

Do 3 rounds, no breaks in between.


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